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The Laurel Traveler

Price: $1095.00

Description: The Laurel Traveler can be used as a bar, traveling storefront, dessert station, DJ booth, or photobooth. There are endless possibilities!

Price DOES NOT include attendant, bartender or operator or delivery fee.
Contact us for bartender recommendations.

NOTE: Proper insurance documentation must be presented at time of contract signature.

Specific to Bar Use:
Bar Space - 87" by 16", Back Bar - 25" by 17, Floating Shelf - 32" by 9, 2nd Floating Shelf - 67" by 9".

Other Amenities - half bench seating, large bench seating, 3 lights (with dimmers), storage underneath large bench as well as storage underneath bar.

Quantity: 1

Dimensions: 11 x 6

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